Forsythe has twenty years’ experience as a payroll manager for companies of all sizes.

Doing business with a good payroll manager, such as Forsythe, will give you many advantages.

Here are some key reasons why a competent payroll manager, like Forsythe, is important:

Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Payroll management involves complex legal and regulatory requirements related to taxes, labor laws, social security, and benefits. A skilled payroll manager ensures compliance with these laws, minimizing the risk of penalties, fines, and legal issues for the organization.

Accurate Payroll Processing: Timely and accurate payment of employees is vital for maintaining high employee morale and motivation. A proficient payroll manager ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time, preventing errors, discrepancies, and payment delays that could lead to dissatisfaction and lowered productivity.

Confidentiality and Data Security: Payroll managers handle sensitive employee information, including personal details, salaries, and tax records. A competent manager implements robust data security measures, protects employee privacy, and prevents unauthorized access or data breaches, safeguarding the organization’s reputation and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Cost Efficiency: Efficient payroll management can save the organization money. A skilled payroll manager identifies cost-saving opportunities, such as optimizing tax deductions, managing benefit plans effectively, and streamlining payroll processes. They also reduce the risk of financial penalties resulting from incorrect filings or non-compliance.

Reporting and Analysis: Payroll managers generate various reports and analytics related to employee compensation, taxes, benefits, and labor costs. These insights are valuable for financial planning, budgeting, and decision-making. A competent manager can provide accurate data and analysis to assist management in making informed strategic choices.

Communication and Employee Relations: Payroll managers often act as a point of contact for employees regarding their compensation, benefits, and deductions. They need excellent communication skills to address employee queries, resolve issues, and explain complex payroll matters clearly. Effective communication fosters positive employee relations and trust.

Audits and Record-Keeping: Payroll managers maintain accurate records and documentation related to payroll, ensuring compliance during audits by regulatory authorities or internal auditors. Well-organized records are vital for demonstrating legal compliance, tracking historical payroll data, and addressing potential discrepancies or disputes.

ServiceOne time feeMonthly fee
Activating and setting up the service (which includes the registration of the company for withholding tax, social insurance, compulsory insurances and pension fund)EUR 500
Cost for the first employeeEUR 80
Cost for any additional employeeEUR 20

For companies with more than 20 employees, a discount may apply. If you have more than 20 employees, contact us for a personalized quote.