United Arab Emirates

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In the United Arab Emirates three great possibilities are available to you. You can create an onshore company, an offshore company and a free zone company.

Furthermore, the United Arab Emirates is made up of several emirates which are independent (in terms of costs and regulations) from each other. Prices can therefore also vary depending on the city as well as the package you choose (domiciliation, physical offices, etc.).

Finally, depending on your specific case, your activity, the place where you wish to have a bank account for the company, your need to obtain a visa or not, and many other things, the type of company as well that its geographical location within the country will have to be chosen with care and after discussion with our advisers.

This is why, if you wish to obtain our prices, we can only provide them on request and only after having carefully analyzed your specific situation. That said, for example, a company located in RAK, with a simple domiciliation and without a visa, will cost you approximately CHF 3,500.